I watch the sea, I listen
To hear her voice
To hear the melody

I don’t know when, but one day
I’ll make that choice
To fall deep in

Waves, upon waves, upon waves
Washing over me

In endless
Waves, upon waves, upon waves
Flooding into me

Now I am haunted by her song
Beautiful and wrong
Still pushing deeper

I bear the scars, of her kiss
Never thought I’d miss
Now I long for

Days, upon days, upon days
Of drowning
On the ocean floor

I’m seeking
Ways, upon ways, upon ways
To recreate
That sound once more
Gone evermore

Dreaming in fevers
Fictions and weavers
Beauty deceivers
Call me

Urging me out there
Lapping up sea air
Flesh daring to bear
All those fucking teeth

Digging into me
Making me believe
The lie
That calls me out to search the sky
At night, to see
What waits under those waves for me

Waves like mountains
And I put the Goddamn effort in
Always counting
The days I may have left within

To hear her voice (x3)
To make that choice
I’ll make that choice
To make it

The weather turn, the season change
And still I yearn, I burn, I freeze
She callin’ me, she callin’ sweet
She led me to higher miseries

To hear that voice
To hear the malady
To make that choice
And cease to be

That all my love
Shredded in her teeth
That all my life
Would come to sink beneath