In darkest places do I dwell
In solitary tombs, hidden so well

Don’t you know my name?
I am many, I am one and the same
I will still cut and run away
Living, breathing, lovely

Send us down to drown
We beg him, in one voice
In endless pain we gather
Then I’ll bring us back again

Let the anger build in us
We return like Lazarus
And for every wrong I know
We double down below

Don’t believe the things you hear
Let our whispers kill your fear
Don’t believe the lies they tell
Just let us in, give me your shell

Condemnation of his innocence
There are more of us than you think
Free to combine or separate
I do conspire to kill the weak
We do conspire

Listen close and listen well
Become my citadel
I amass outside the hall
To await the judgment call

When they spout his innocence
We enact my recompense
Forget all about the flood
And demand they drain his blood

We know fear no longer
I have come for you
Infinitely stronger
We deny, we deny the truth

Call for crucifixion
Silence the bleating lamb
No more benediction
All is, we are, I am
Will always be

The Heavens shake
The Earth does quake
The blue sky darkens

What have we done?
What have I done?
Is there a way to stop it now?
And, oh, the horror of that empty tomb