Crawling Chaos

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Step right up and get your ticket!

Come in, come see
Everyone crowd close to me
Such marvels that I have to show

Don’t push, don’t shove
There is always room enough
Come bathe your faces in the glow

Then back home
It’s empty
Separate lives are lonely

Then back home
There’s nothing
Disparate lives live only

In themselves: Pathetic

Talk big, talk loud
Talk over a quiet town
Make your voice the only one to hear, yeah

Then push, and shove, it’s
Coming close to close enough
Don’t want to get too far or near, know

I see it disintegrating

Unfeeling, not acting
Unspeakable thoughts and nothing
Compassion, reaction to

Feel this: sympathetic

Look on, look on in horror
Everyone crowd close to me
Such marvels I will show you
Stare into the glow and see

It’s okay to feel confusion
Lights dance across black skies
Life may be an illusion
I sympathize

Now it’s time to assimilate, it’s time to let it go
Combine truth and reality, with the false light of the glow
You may feel you are not here, or that you don’t exist
You may feel out there’s not real, synthetic

Come one, come all
(You’re welcome here)

It’s writhing
It’s molting
I watch it begin reshaping

And back home, the shadows
Swarm every nook and hollow
They compel me to
Feel this: pathetic