The Serpent Lyrics

Set fire to the throne
No one left to bemoan
Broke mental bones, on savage stones
Words heard by I, alone

Never speak for me
I stopped listening along
And a long, long time ago I
Found your broken mind
Rotting in the rind

The viper glides/crawls beside you
Long fangs sink in sly
Then split tongued, it commands you
To help/save/love it as you die

Blackened sun sudden sets
No heart beats for regrets
Drained endlessly, I came to see
The cycle of your nets

Never promise me
I stopped believing along
And a long, long time ago I
Lost my will to try
To help you to survive

But then, a light returns again
I know just what this is
Another cycle soon begins
A show so insincere
Never again placate my fear
For knowledge
And observance
The sharp edge
Of my defense

What was once well begun
Has no more time to run
Wasted the one, chance I am done
Hope squandered, now it’s none

Never follow me
I stopped leading you along
And a long, long time ago you
Helped me to decide
That ending it is right