Sleepfire Lyrics

I am no one, I see no sight
No incident, I want nothing
Collect rejected, Thoughts I will
Sever myself, Into all things

Never mind what, I say mind what
I do mind what, I want fuck you
Burning me in, Your flame, burn me
Until I have, Become just again

Heaven or Hell, I can’t tell what
Is going on now, Inside me
Blinding light, blinding pain
Blind mice and bats, Inside my brain

Never mind what, I say mind what
I do mind what, I wanna maim you
Anything to, Make it stop make
It stop make it, Stop make it end

Forever awake, with one open eye
To descry, twist, misidentify
Volcanic trap of ashen claim
Wrap my brain in lapping flame

Scalding charges of ardent char
Collapse deep forming a neutron star to
Crush these dreams with gravity till
The flame, at last, falls back to sleep

Secretly, the mire may deceive
Purity, denier’s bare belief
Guiltily, admires gnashing teeth
How righteously, she points (sleep fire)
Oh, that I were a window now
Finally, fire ignites the peat