Silhouette Lyrics

I’ve got a problem with everything
A blinded bull, hole in the head, bleeding
Let life drip out
I’ll not strip out, my own goddamn spine again
For any wasted worth within
Because my patience runs so goddamn thin
I’m all out, I’m outside of this world now

Why the struggle with every thought?
A circus tent, silent event explodes
Watch me race out
I’ll not find out, my own fucking fate again
So fuck your hidden false intent
Because I ran out of all kindness
I’m all out, I’m outside of your world now

I don’t expect you to understand
A single thing, a single thought
I don’t expect you to comprehend
Outside of your ignorance, you’ve got

To step inside, see, focus widely, then carry on
Witness our graceless fall
My fall

What the fuck is wrong with your mind?
Just what the fuck can smash into it in time?
You’ve got to tell me what will realign
Your few synapses still alive?
Are any left alive?

Show me

Time stops, there’s no pain, the world burns though wet
I betrayed myself, blame your silhouette

I embraced your tendency to run and hide
I embraced your selfish fucking act of mime
I embrace the exit distant that I see
I embrace this dissolution so complete
I reject self-preservation of the weak
I reject the sacrifices made for peace
I reject all notions of eternity
I reject, I reject, I reject, I reject

What the fuck is wrong with you?