Like You Never Were Lyrics

I will hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before and
I will hate you like you’ve never been hated before
I will curse you like you’ve never been cursed before
I will forget you like you never were

Who the fuck are you?
Rummaging through my brain to find your prize
With dirty little fingers
And a crazy, colorful bendy straw

(Suck, suck, suck) You’re like a vampire
Cunt Dracula!
So pardon me while I stake you through the fucking heart
Cut off your head, and burn your desecrated corpse

Your skin, thick poison
Your mind still broken far beyond repair
As though there were a chance in Hell
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

Your thoughts deter
While I forget you
Like you never were

I won’t defer
So now I live life
Like you never were