Inhuman Lyrics

Human in humanity
Incurable disease
Our faces look the same
But one will make us tame

Human, inhumanity
From death-bed back to infancy
Through opportunity and time
One rises from filth and grime

He quickly learns the promises
That make people sure to trust
He’s so eloquent and likeable
He must be the best of us, right now we
Need someone to lead us back
To thriving golden days
So we each line up to drink his punch
Pretend it isn’t out of rage

Design a shrine caressed in gold
Form glistening floors of precious stone, and build
Spires that spring to pierce the sky
Banners of silk that softly fly

Assemble everyone and everything
Tell them to bow down low before their King
Tell them to fill their lungs with salt and sing
Of how their prosperity faith will bring

Then lash them on their backs open for each note flat
Make them thankful for their punishment
Convince them suffering will free them all
And if they never doubt they’ll never fall