Infinite Red Lyrics

She must believe that I am nothing real
To make believe we need the hate we feel
It must be so hard being her
Or maybe just hard being
So help me

The air inside her lungs, weapon of choice
Her throat vibrates and an infinite red shadows her voice
A smile, fake, she’ll fashion in disease
I know, now, she will do just as she please
So help me God

Rip my skin in strips, bare bones to bear
The center of my weak point, centers her pointed stare
A thrown fit, needle tip, she pushes through
Bursting major vessels and the blood they carry, too

So help me God
Wherever I May Roam
‘Cause no one can persist long in this Hell I call my home
So help me

I listened to a liar and a thief
Bend on knee and beg me for belief
To suddenly turn executioner
And fuck the law, the jury, and the gavel, Your Honor

So help me God
Make my heart stone
‘Cause any hate-filled word she seethes in front of them will break my bones

So help me God
I must atone
For bringing forth such innocence into this world I’ve known

So help me