Violence Lyrics

Violence is concession to human weakness
Like vengeance, it need cowardice to thrive
Violence is obsession with our own ignorance
Of infinite potential lost in death

Disobey the laws of the brute
Or continue to eat poisonous fruit
The lies of humankind

If we go on pulling long distant triggers
Like children, push/kill playground/battleground
Solidifying worldwide distrust and disdain
In a decade-long display of force, insane

We cannot just crush our way to peace
We are not the world's goddamn police
No logic in such loss

If one man fails, the whole world falls
And as the means, so too the end
Be ever wakeful, ever vigilant, or we'll kill ourselves
In the name of our beloved freedom

Mothers hold onto your children
And sing them a song
To drown out the bomb

Mothers lie to your children
Say father's coming home
Gunned down by a drone