The Lie Lyrics

I believe the lie
That I'm doing something worth doing something about
I cannot deny
Selfish words burn firewood fueling my doubt
Leverage the thoughts you redesigned
To put me in my place
Keep the limits blurred and hard to find
But so simple to displace

The derisive laughter you emanate
Saturated so deep in distrust and hate
Revealing hundreds of hidden enemies
Trying to claim authority over me

The trial
The jury
This sentence is for life
The fury
Will I see through this infinite strife?

Make yourself right at home, there you go
Anything you want is achievable
If you seek suffering we can have that, too
You know what to do

I see nothing wrong
In my ignorance I blindly carry on
Through landmines buried in silence

Ignore all offered information
It contradicts what you know
Lost in confirmation bias
Cannot learn to let go

Idealize humankind to fail me
See the wrong, point your finger to blame me
Use your hammer and chisel to change me
I just fulfill a role

So say nothing's wrong
Forgetting your dead god abandons the strong
Sneak it into my head

No need thinking through accusations
Obsessive feeling is the law
Never minding the due elation
Only focus on the flaw

Obsessive feeling is the law
So only focus on the flaw
Why is it so hard to let it go?
It contradicts all that you know

I believe the lie
I cannot deny
No matter how I try
This sentence is for life

And still I miss anything wrong
In ignorance I carry on through landmines
Until a finger points the blame
And so I know what I must change

That I believed the lie