Plague Doctor Lyrics

Unqualified, suture no lives
Just point out hives from my distance
Away from sick, our plague is quick
Stench, acrid, thick in pestilence

No one can teach me anything
And of course I'll save you all
You may allow me to treat the plague
But I am so blind, unqualified

Observing some, I bang my drum
And rattle bones to cure syndromes
Safe in my mask, all questions asked
No answers last for long, if ever

I cannot promise anything
But of course I'll do my best
You may believe me in all I say
But I am designed only to bleed you dry

Vomit up black blood, divide one another
Kill the lesser groups, infect the other fucking mind
Deep within dead brains, showing in the skin your
Forgotten remains, filthy and rotting everywhere
Puke, bleed, die
Lie, kill, deny

I'm no safer than you are
Understanding naught belies a cost (betray)
Noticing not (yourself for)
So still so lost (small comforts)
Nowhere, if "there" is still there
Not like I would know the way to go (at all)
Stuffed through my nose (you follow)
A wilted rose (dim leaders)
Masking all

I apply reasoning to everything I see
But providing answers is not one of my specialties

Save yourself, one man cannot do anything
Weak alone, together nothing is so far from our
Reach that we cannot find a solution, now
Try to come up with what all of us together can do

What have they done for anyone but themselves?
Once they've won there will be nothing else

Stand up, speak out, one man cannot do anything now
Sing loud the end of this revolutionary stagnation
Call for an end