All Things Renewed Lyrics

Ruined by assimilating all minds to want what they're after
To kneel
Not stand
All ancient empires fell by greedy

They're taking life after life
Forsaking everything that brought us true strength
Freedom rings with shortening length
Just listen for it

Take it in and then forget again, silence all dissent
Blind trust
Blind rage
Sit and wait and follow them to your

The capture
A truly man-made rapture
Washing out the voice of reason
Litigate an endless season
Of death and darkness
Draw lines for all to cross
Carpet-bomb all nations
And never mind the loss

No more fucking bullshit
No more fucking wrong
No more fucking murder from this nation once so strong
No more fucking treason
No more fucking faith
No more reason to believe in these United States

Bathed in blinding light
Planet with a living blight
Creatures filled with hate
Quickly abandoned all debate

Far reaching reproach
Lonely frozen roaming roaches
Burrow in our skin
Whispering the way to win

Turning metal keys
Evaporate the seven seas
A million megatons
Devolving our skeletons

Stampeding we rushed
Bones and vital organs crushed
A killing cavalcade
Swimming from the cloud we made

All things will be renewed

Nowhere to run or hide
From radiation ionized
Those saved from the blast
Shit and shake until they've passed

Buried under snow
Smothered mothers, kids in tow
Fathers once so strong
Realizing they were wrong

All things will be renewed

Melting cloud and sky
Even living gods may die
New equality
The truth of death shall set you free

Pitch black, icy rocks
Instantly unwinding clocks
Washed in human strife
Planet minus all its life

All things will be renewed