349 Lyrics

Every man and woman who has chosen to risk their life
In this endless conflict with no recompense for their strife

Will always live with the memory
Fighting a stress we cannot see
Dreaming for some small relief

We did this

Lining up the shots of booze
A clenched fist full of pills
Loading up a pistol
Aiming for one final kill

Hopeless, can't take it anymore
Pointless, what are they fighting for?
Heartless, nearly one each day

Day one
More may
Give up
349 in one year

Consecrate the ground they lay you into
Speaking a prayer for everyone
They cannot comprehend just what you went through
Consoling themselves for what they've done

Knowing full well it's they who killed you
Knowing full well things will not change
Shedding their tears on television
Sleeping at night in deluded dreams

We should be ashamed of ourselves for failing those in need
Instead of waving flags we should clog up every street
Our enemy now holds a pen and not a gun
Ordering our youth to fight a notion

Without support
Without a break
Without respect
Without a way to live again