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Help OCL Win The First Ever Ourtunez.com Indie Contest!

posted May 17, 2014, 7:05 PM by oneclipleft
Yep, the fine folks over at Ourtunez.com are helping me out YET AGAIN. Somebody over there must really like my music or something! This time they've included me in their first ever Indie Contest, which pits 50 indie artists against each other to see who can garner the most plays, likes, and favorites. Here's where you guys can really help me out, this time for free! Just go to Ourtunez.com and listen to, like, and favorite my track "349" and that's it! Each one of those actions will give me a "point" toward winning. You'll probably have to make an account, but it's completely worth it. Ourtunez.com is internet radio at its finest, playing an awesome mixture of established and independent artists. Check it out and score me some frikkin' points! Whoo!