Pawn Kills Rook Lyrics

I move ever forward
Though I look behind
While you jump all around me
Eight rows at a time

You think I fight with you
But I have been against
Don’t know how you don’t see it
Our colors opposite

I Fight my way through
Watch me walk
Slowly stalk, my feet cross
Light, and dark

You’re not the Queen you imagine
She was never real
So I move ever forward
To complete my kill

You never thought I could end it
Surprised you from a slant
Forwent endgame promotion
Killed you because I can

I’ll make your heart cease
Still your breath
Until your chest, stops moving
Up, and down

You are not a part of me now
You will not dishearten me now
You cannot run, you cannot stop
Sew/reap your rotten crop
Corner yourself and wait for me
Expose your heart for all to see
And cry

Blinding white light
Blackens stars bright
Watch the butterfly, flutter by
And light upon, carrion

On plains, checkered terrain
All pieces, fall the same
But my heart, in its core
Carries on, will ignore

See my heart cease
Steal my breath
Stop my chest, from moving
Up, and down