Dead Kids and Dollar Signs Lyrics

I turn on my TV every day
And sit counting the dead we celebrate
I cannot believe what density
People selling a new philosophy

Our love of life lost
Talking money made
Only balk at the cost
Someone else has paid

After the story runs we'll forget you one by one

Covering endless details
Fabricating the whole tale wholesale
Audience and ad revenue
Blur what is false and what is

True in
The careless camera
A bought mouth and biased eye
Impartial media
Watch integrity die

All blame, no shame
Sensationalize pain
Condense nonsense
Fear and death entertain
What the fuck?

Fear breeds obedience
The powerful elevate their place
Ten fold
In each public tragedy
A golden opportunity

Trade in your rights to feel a little more safe
From a magnified threat you feel you can't escape
And in the process
Do less
Live less
Be less than you are for their benefit

Are we so bored to never see the light inside the storm?
Are we so dull to never flinch one inch when triggers pull?
Are we so scared to admit that life itself is unprepared?
Are we so dumb to embrace the armchair gods we have become?

They hunt dead kids to sell
And pay their parents to spill the tale
They prey on the insecurities
Of indolent viewers too inured to think
And they'll tell you that you're going to die
Or lose all your money or all of your rights
And they'll tell you just to sit right there
While they keep cashing in on your fear